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Protection Association
Medical Cannabis Patients

The non-profit association APS for the Protection of Medical Cannabis Patients, was born in Lecce, Puglia, il 1 Maggio 2022. Its foundation arose from the need to protect the fundamental rights of sick citizens being treated with medical cannabis or patients who want to undertake this therapeutic path that is still so much demonized today, enforcing art. 32 of the Italian constitution. Our association, totally managed by sick citizens, under treatment with medical cannabis, while maintaining their autonomy of thought, remaining apolitical, non-partisan and non-denominational, it is supported by doctors and professionals in the sector.

Various administrations

Medical cannabis can be administered through various methods, including capsules, pads, dyes, skin and inhaled patches.

Solves neurological problems

Medical cannabis can solve various neurological problems, even serious ones

Ally against stress

Stress is a bad enemy. Medical cannabis can help you fight stress.


Cannabis helps fight epilepsy. Its composition helps to give your body the ability to react to such ailments.

Morbid parkinson's disease

Medical cannabis is a great help against Parkinson's disease. Its composition facilitates the relaxation of the hypertensive muscles.


Medical cannabis is valuable support for those fighting cancer. The composition helps the body in the most acute phases of the disease.

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